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Just the Gals

  • STARTMay 24th - 6:30pm

  • ENDMay 24th - 7:30pm


Once again, we’re putting you at the top of your priority list. Leave your kids, your babies, your puppies, your worries at home and get your buns to this toning class. Tighten & Tone has been designed to strengthen and tone all of those beautiful Hot Mama muscles. We’ll focus on muscular strength and endurance, we’ll focus on developing long, lean muscles and we’ll focus on…oh you know it’s coming…YOUR CORE. So, if you’re looking for a class to help tone you up, strengthen your abdominals or to help balance a strong cardio-based workout regime, this is the class for you. You’ll thank us for daaaays after. This class is designed for all levels of fitness, so if you’re just starting out or your veteran workerouter (it’s a word, we just made it up), you’ll enjoy this class. So, come on out and get a workout the Just the Gals can handle.

Event Details
May 24, 2017
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Event Venue
Alan Wilson Park
3019 George st, Duncan, British Columbia, v9l 2b1, Canada.
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